Tubular molds are the key components in billet continuous casting facilities, and as the steel-making industry shifts toward high-grade,high-quality products manufactured in high-speed, high-productivity facilities, molds must be more sophisticated and diverse than ever.
Shinko Metal Products is meeting this wide range of industry needs with the full spectrum of Kobe Steel Group development and technical expertise, developing our own mold alloys, platings and manufacturing technologies. And we have earned a reputation for high- quality, inexpensive tubular molds.
Shinko Metal Products is also capable of providing assembly type bloom molds, molds for beam blanks. inner mantles for tubular molds and continuous mold inside diameter measuring device.

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Inner Mantle

Continuous Mold Inside Diameter Measuring Device

Tubular Mold

Stainless Inner Mantle for Tubular Mold

Continuous Mold Inside Diameter Measuring Device

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