Composite and Fabricated Products

‘Technical Report

Highly Conductive Clad Metals


Composite Products
Shinko Metal Products uses its hot isostatic extrusion press-the only press of its type in the world - to develop and manufacture highly functional materials. Isostatic extrusion optimizes high reduction and uniform metal flow characteristics to make possible the manufacture of a host of advanced materials and products formerly difficult or impossible - composites, powder metal alloys, hard - to -work materials, and complex shapes. These products are extensively used in electronic materials, chemical industry, metal refining, mechanical parts and architecture.
Fabricated Products
The composite products fabricated here have corrosion-resistance exteriors and copper cores, with the two materials in complete contact along their entire surface. Electrical resistance is low, resulting in low energy loss in use. Fabrication into a variety of shapes makes the supply of electricity possible whether immersed or not.

œConductive rodsœ



œclad wire for electronic useœ

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