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Product line
major applications

Mold Tubes

Deoxidized copper molds, Heat-resistant alloy molds Continuous steel casting
Composite products Conductive rods and it's fabricated products Soda electrolysis, conductive materials for plating, Plating baskets
Clad wire

Electronic parts, Eyeglass frames

Aluminium fabricated products and surface treatment Conductor Arms, Ice making boards, KENI COAT
Heat exchangers Double-tube type heat exchangers with groove

Live fish water tank, Fish breeding, Food stuff cooling, Brine cooling, Boilers, Sea water heating equipment, Computer equipment, Industrial processes, etc.
Liquified gas.

Titanium coil type heat exchangers, Shell and tube type heat exchangers
Air-fin type aluminum vaporizer
Heat exchange system design and fabrication
Copper and copper alloy tubes Aluminum-brass tubes, Copper-nickel tubes, Ferroco tubes(heat exchanger tube with iron-hydroxide protective film), KC tubes(heat exchanger tube coated with protective film of resin), Duplex tubes(CuAlloy/Ti) Nuclear and thermal power generating plant condensers, Desalination plants, Feed Water heaters, Heat exchangers, Heating coils
Low-fin tubes, Corrugated tubes, Top-cross tubes, Inner-fin tubes Air conditioners, Oil coolers petrochemical and LNG plant heat exchangers
Copper pipes, Copper fittings Air conditioners, Piping for water supply
Other(Ni-Cu tubes, phosphor bronze tubes, brass tubes)

Chemical plant heat exchangers, Bourdon tubes, Sanitary fixture piping

Technical services Comprehensive diagnosis services for maintenance of condenser tube.

Eddy current testing for inner surface of tubes, investigation of corrosion on removed tubes, Inspection of water box, Corrosion experiment with model condenser.

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