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Corporate Outline

Name : Shinko Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Established  : April 1, 1988

Paid-in-capital : 200 million yen

Employees : 170

Address :
2-1, Komorie 2-chome, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu, 800-0007
Phone:093-381-1331 Fax:093-381-3833

Site area : 52,000 square meters

Floor area : 32,400 square meters

Products :
Molds, Heat exchangers, Composite products, Condenser tubes, Copper and Copper alloy tubes and pipes.

Sales Department :
Midousuji Mitsui Bldg.,
1-3, Bingomachi 4-chome, Chio-ku, Osaka, 541-0051
Phone:(06)6206-6778 FAX:(06)6206-6357



Corporate Highlights


Established as Kobe Steel Moji Plant to handle copper drawing work for the domestic production of vessel boilers and industrial equipment.

1940 Aluminum-brass tube developed.
1929 Plant expanded into the coastal area.
1959 Condenser tube plant complated.
1974 Condenser tube production level raised.
1976 Titanium heat exchanger developed.
1980 Copper-nickel tube production level raised.
1982 Mould mass production stance established.
1983 Mass production of isostatic extrusion products begun.
1984 Development of double-tube type heat exchangers with grooved.
1988 lntegrated with Moji Shinkan Kogyo as Shinko Metal Products Co.,Ltd.
1989 Mass production of Ferroco tubes begun.
1991 Mould plant complated.
1997 500-ton combined drawing machine
for large-diameter tube installed.
1999 Additional low-fin rolling machines installed.
2001 e Taper Mould developed.


Eco Action 21 approved.


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